About MFPL

Madras Fluorine Private Ltd, is producing a wide range of Inorganic Fluorine Chemicals for the last 4 decades. The factory is located at Manali a suburb of Chennai city (Madras) in South India.


MFPL Products are used in the Metal Finishing, Electronics, Master Alloys, Abrasives, Optical glass manufacturing and Pharmaceutical industries.


The Company is being managed by Mr. B Venkteshwar, Managing Director and Mrs. Kala Venkteshwar, Executive Director.


The main export products are Fluoboric Acid, Fluozirconic Acid, Potassium Zirconium Fluoride, Potassium Fluoride, Potassium Tetraborate & other speciality inorganic Fluorine Chemicals.

Export Countries

MFPL is the largest exporter of Inorganic Fluorine chemicals from India to Europe, UK, USA and other South East Asian countries. 85% of the company’s turnover is from export sales.


The plant is currently producing inorganic fluorine chemicals around 2500 MTPA.