AppearanceClear Colourless Solution
Molecular weight164
Specific Gravity1.51 – 1.52 g/cc @ 25°C

For metal treatment
For manufacturing Potassium Titanium Fluoride
Aluminium finishing and in catalyst preparation

45% conc.
Assay45% min
Free HF2.0% max
H2SO40.02% max
H2SiF60.2% max
Fe0.02% max
Cl0.02% max
Heavy Metal0.01% max

40 & 250 Kgs HMHDPE Carbuoy
1,250 Kgs IBC

Hexafluotitanic Acid is a toxic and corrosive chemical. Avoid breathing mists and use with adequate ventilation. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing.

Chennai Port, India