AppearanceWhite crystalline material
Molecular weight78.11
Density2.37 g/cc3
Melting Point238.7 °C
SolubilityHighly soluble in water

In metal fluxes & silver solder fluxes Fluorine cell electrolyte As a polymerization catalyst Introduction of fluorine in organic synthesis

Assay99% min.
Na0.3% max
Cl0.02% max
SO40.02% max
Fe0.02% max
Heavy Metal0.005% max
K2SiF60.5% max
Moisture0.2% max

25 Kgs HDPE Bags with inner PE liner

Potassium Bifluoride is a highly toxic, corrosive chemicals, poisonous. Since the product contains 25% free HF care should be taken to avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. Aq. Solution corrodes glass. Keep the product in air tight bags.

Chennai Port, India