AppearanceClear colourless solution
Molecular weight292.21
Specific gravity1.60 – 1.625 g/cc @ 25°C

As an electrolyte in electroplating tin, for thin walled bearing (Lead – Tin plating)

Free H3BO32% max
Free HBF42-4% max
Assay49% min
Sn++20% min (300 gpl)
SO40.005% max
Cl0.005% max
Sn4+1.0% max
Fe0.005% max
Cu0.005% max
Pb0.003% max

25, 40 & 250 Kgs Nett HMHDPE Carbuoy

Stannous Fluoborate will cause severe irritation or burns to eyes and skin. It is toxic if inhaled or ingested. This product is not for food or drug use.

Chennai Port, India