AppearanceWhite hygroscopic crystals
Molecular weight178.76
Melting point292°C
Boiling point>376°C
Solubility384.7 g/100 ml of H2O at 10°C
563.6 g/100 ml of H2Oat 40°C
  • Catalyse fluorine by HF
  • Manufacture of chloro fluorides
  • Manufacture of potteries and porcelain
Assay98% min.
SO40.02% max
Cl0.002% max
Fe0.005% max
Pb0.005% max
LOD at 75°C0.5% max

25 Kgs Polythene Lined Fibre Drums

Antimony Trifluoride is a toxic chemical poisonous. Keep the product in air tight bags. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. In case of contact wash the affected place with running water.

Chennai Port, India