AppearanceWhite powder
Molecular weight78.08
Melting point1380°C
Solubility0.016g/l of H2O at 20°C

As component of electrolyte in aluminium metallurgy
As component of fluxing agents, protective & refining salts
Special optical uses
Manufacture of reflection reducing layers and of fluorescent lamps
As fluxing and pre-opacifying agent
For preparation of denture
As a component of welding rod coatings & welding powders

Assay97% min.
SO40.2% max
Fe0.02% max
SiO20.15% max
Cl0.03% max
Pb0.0005% max
LOI at 500°C2.5% max

25 Kgs Polythene Lined HDPE Bags

Calcium Fluoride is a toxic chemical poisonous. Keep the product in air tight bags. Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing. In case of contact wash the affected place with running water.

Hazard classification – Corrosive material.

Chennai Port, India